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Because the event, Travel Mobility Europe, is tailored for experts of Mobility & Travel, with a particular line of study, dedicated to the context of blockchain technology and its potential development and application. Exploring not just finance and industry, but, for the first time, travel, the event brings together fresh insights and new voices from across the sector, while examining the inextricable relationship of the sharing economy with mobility.

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The entire event will be held at the places where Italy learned how to fly, at the Parco Museo "Volandia", historic site near Milan Malpensa of the Caproni Aeronautical Workshops.


  • Giuliano Rovelli
    CEO e Founder, ParkinGO and GetMyCar
    Giuliano Rovelli is the founder and major shareholder of the ParkinGO group, with more than 50 airport and port parking sites, certified locations and offices, located in 7 European countries. Giuliano Rovelli has always been passionate about mobility and innovation: a past as motorcycle road racer and a present as blockchain evangelist.
  • Marco Corradino
    COO e Board member @ lastminute.com Group
    Marco Corradino was the co-founder of Volagratis, the first search engine for low cost flights in Italy. An investor and business angel, Marco has held various positions within lastminute.com Group and since 2016 is Chief Operation Officer and Executive Board Member.
  • Erika Delmastro
    Marketing Manager @ Europ Assistance Italia
    Erika Delmastro, a graduate in Economics from the University of Milan, joined Europ Assistance in 2012 as a Membership Program Manager, and was tasked with launching the Company's first loyalty program. She has several years of experience both in services marketing, gained in the field of TELCO (Vodafone and H3G), and in digital services. Today as Marketing Manager at Europ Assistance, she delivers proposals that promote the successes of its business partners.
  • David Jarach
    Chairman and managing partner, diciottofebbraio
    David Jarach is the founder, president and managing partner of diciottofebbraio, the management consultancy he founded in 1999 to serve the aviation, aerospace & defense and business travel sectors. He is also president of Jarach & Associati, which specializes in pricing strategy processes for B2B companies.
  • Marco Franzese
    Sales Manager IT Consulting & Solutions @ Amadeus Italia
    Marco Franzese holds a degree in Economics. From 1997 to 2010 he was Sales & Marketing Manager at Fratelli Cosulich, and then moved towards Business Travel. He had been Commercial Director in Seneca for four years before joining Cisalpina Business Travel as Area Manager. In 2016 Marco joined Amadeus, where he is in charge for end-to end travel&expense solutions for the Italian corporate market.
  • Francesco Quaglieri
    eMobility Product Manager @ Volkswagen Group Italia S.p.A.

  • Marco Reguzzoni
    President at the Fondazione Museo Aeronautica - Volandia
    Marco Reguzzoni, is founder and president of the Parco e Museo del Volo "Volandia" Malpensa, inaugurated in 2010 within the historic headquarters of the former Caproni Aeronautical Workshops. An entrepreneur in the field of biotechnology, he is also founder of a company that is active in the research, study and conservation of amniotic and placental stem cells.
  • Lars Schlichting
    Crypto lawyer, LL.M.
    Lars Schlichting is a senior executive and coordinator of the new Eidoo financial team with the task of transforming the company into a regulated service provider in the encrypted space. Previously he held the role of partner at KPMG and has significant experience within FINMA.
  • Marco Lucchetti
    Co-founder @ UbiatarPlay SA
    Marco Lucchetti, an Italian entrepreneur, applies his experience gained between Italy and Switzerland to act as advisor to companies currently emerging in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Among his latest Ubiatar endorsements is a non-conventional travel platform based on the smartphone and his room.
  • Michele Ficara Manganelli
    Founder and president of Assodigitale
    Michele Ficara Manganelli is Founder and Editorial Director of Assodigitale.it the historical digital magazine created in 2004, with one of the highest readerships in Italy that provides daily reports how digital can be useful in people's lives. Inextricably Geek, he is considered one of the greatest Italian evangelists of Social Media and Digital Publishing, a perennial startupper, an enthusiast of life, and intimately informed, he is a reliable reporter of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and Life-Hacking Culture. Distractedly a Runner and holistically a Golfer.
  • Roberto Preatoni
    Owner Representative Domina
  • Fabio Piersantini
    Customer and Service Manager - Head of Business Travel, Meetings & Events Management @ Leonardo Global Solutions
    Fabio Piersantini, travel industry professional for over 10 years, deals with travel management, events organization, travel procurement and client & service management.
  • Rachele Mancinelli
    Executive Assistant e Travel Manager @ Guala Closures Group
    Rachele Mancinelli has worked in tourism since 1995. She began her career as an interpreter and travel agent. Since 2012, after working with leading multinationals, she was appointed as Global Travel Manager at Aptar Group. Mancinelli, after yet another BT experience with an important Italian Travel Mobility company, returned to the world of International Corporate which she particularly enjoys. Since 2017 she has held the dual role of Travel Manager and Assistant Manager at Guala Closures Group, a leading company in the distribution of closure systems for consumer products.
  • Gian Piero Barra
    Italy Services Officer @ Ferrero Management Services Italia
    For more than 10 years Gian Piero Barra has been the head of general purchasing and general services, which include services for people, buildings, business travel and car fleets.
  • Alferio Paolillo
    Head of General Services and Facility Management @ Edison
    Paolillo has worked since 2003 within the HR functional head office at Edison (EDF Group) where for many years he has managed projects of reorganization, digital transformation and internal communications. In 2010 he led the implementation and provision of services to buildings and people (facility, restaurant, travel, car fleet, events, etc.) for the Group's various management offices. In recent years, he conceived and launched the "Wellness @ Work" program, to create a work environment for people's well-being. Since 2016 he has conducted studies into the evolution of new ways of working and is leading the introduction of "Smart Working" and "Well-being at Work" projects.
  • Sebastiano Penna
    General Sales Manager for Italy and Malta @ Lufthansa Group
  • Piero Bertini
    Founder and CEO @ Datavoice
  • Davide Baldi
    Serial Entrepreneur and ICOBooster co-founder

    Serial Entrepreneur, specialized in creating corporate networks, owner of companies in various sectors, including projects in the Blockchain field.
    Specialized in providing strategies for companies to help them compete, from 2003 to today, Davide have been involved in projects aimed at the growth of Italians and foreign companies.
    Davide Baldi supports and invest in Cryptocurrencies since 2016.


  • Giacomo Agostini
    Motorcyclist, 15 times world champion
    Giacomo Agostini, is the most headlined motorcyclist in the history of world championships. After withdrawing from racing in 1977, he continued to follow motorcycling closely as director of the Yamaha and Cagiva racing teams. In 1999 the American Motorcyclist Association added him to the Motorcycle Hall of Fame.
  • Andrea Ravo Mattoni
    Urban Artist
    Andrea Ravo Mattoni was born in Varese in 1981 into a family with strong ties to the world of art. His father, Carlo Mattoni, was a conceptual and behavioral artist, an illustrator and a graphic artist; his uncle Alberto, known as Matal, was the illustrator and creator of the character of Lillibeth; his grandfather Giovanni Italo, painter, was the illustrator of Liebig and Lavazza trading cards.
    He started spray-painting in 1995; founded Crew HBM, in 2003 he founded, in Milan, the BAG factory, a group of artists with headquarters at Bovisa. At the same time, he attended a painting course at the Brera Beaux Arts Academy. In 2008 he defected from the factory and worked as an assistant of the editor Manuela Gandini in the Artandgallery gallery. Now it's a worldwide famout artist.


  • 09:00
    Registrazione & Welcome coffee - Inizio Networking con App Brella
  • 10:00
    Apertura del forum
    Speakers: Giuliano Rovelli (ParkinGO), Marco Reguzzoni (Volandia) e David Jarach (diciottofebbraio)
  • 10:25
    MOBILITÀ NELL’ARTE: l’artista si racconta
    Introduce Paolo Rovelli (ParkinGO)
    Conversazione tra David Jarach (diciottofebbraio) e Andrea Ravo Mattoni
  • 10:35
    Keynote Speech - TEN TIPS TO FOLLOW: il ponte verso il 2019
    Speaker: David Jarach (diciottofebbraio)
  • 10:55
    MOBILITÀ 2020: Le nuove opportunità e sfide per le imprese
    (sintesi delle evidenze della ricerca)
    Speaker: David Jarach (diciottofebbraio)
  • 11:20
    Tavola Rotonda 1 - MOBILITÀ 2020: I pareri delle Imprese
    Moderatore: David Jarach (diciottofebbraio)
    Partecipanti: Gian Piero Barra (Ferrero), Rachele Mancinelli (Guala Closures), Alferio Paolillo (Edison) e Fabio Piersantini (Leonardo)
  • 12:05
    Tavola Rotonda 2 - MOBILITÀ INTEGRATA 2020: Quali nuove sfide ed opportunità per gli operatori?
    Moderatore: David Jarach (diciottofebbraio)
    Partecipanti: Piero Bertini (DataVoice), Erika Delmastro (Europ Assistance), Marco Franzese (Amadeus), Sebastiano Penna (Lufthansa), Francesco Quaglieri (Volkswagen) e Davide Rovelli (GetMyCar)
  • 12:50
    L’innovazione della Blockchain nella Mobilità ed il Travel
    Moderatore: Michele Ficara Manganelli (Assodigitale)
    Conversazione con Giuliano Rovelli (ParkinGO) e Lars Schlichting (Eidoo)
  • 13:10
    Networking Lunch con App Brella (Dj Set live su Radio Monte Carlo)
  • 14:00
    Tavola Rotonda 3 - TRAVEL & BLOCKCHAIN: faccia a faccia con i market disruptor
    Moderatore: Michele Ficara Manganelli (Assodigitale)
    Partecipanti: Davide Baldi (ICOBooster), Marco Corradino (lastminute.com), Roberto Preatoni (Gruppo Domina) e Giuliano Rovelli (ParkinGO)
  • 15:00
    La velocità del cambiamento
    Giacomo Agostini (Ambassador ParkinGO)
  • 15:20
    Sintesi della giornata e prossimi appuntamenti
    Speaker: Giuliano Rovelli (ParkinGO)
  • 15:40
    Estrazione dei premi
    in collaborazione con Gruppo Domina
  • 16:00
    Visita riservata al Parco Museo Volandia
    60.000 mq di storia della mobilità, dai primi aerei progettati e costruiti in Italia no al padiglione spazio
  • 18:00
    Chiusura della giornata


  • ParkinGO was founded in 1995 to meet a growing demand for parking near Milan Malpensa airport, and soon became the leading car park network dedicated to people on the move. ParkinGO has grown over the years through direct management of parking facilities at key airports, with affiliates and franchisees at other airports. Today the Group has more than 55 locations in Europe, and continues to grow.

  • GetMyCar is the innovative Car Rental & Car Sharing community that connects those who need a car with those who have one to share. It is an initiative that stems from the constantly growing trend of the sharing economy in the automotive sector. It is supported by ParkinGO, which provides important and reliable resources, including certified locations at airports, and a park scanner service to guarantee the status of cars as they enter and leave locations.



  • Amadeus provides the technology that drives the travel industry - from initial research, to booking, from pricing to ticketing, from booking management to check-in and departure procedures.

  • The Volkswagen group includes 12 international brands. The "people's car", created in Germany in the 1930s, has become a colossus of the automotive indsutry in less than a century.

  • Europ Assistance is a global company with 300 million customers, 38 offices and 420,000 partners worldwide. It has been operating in Italy for 50 years, and offers assistance services and insurance coverage in response to the needs and expectations of its customers.

  • lastminute.com is a champion in the field of online travel and leisure. Born in the UK in 1998, the brand offers leisure time experiences: hotels, holidays, flights and much more. The goal of lastminute.com is to rely on technology to simplify the life of travelers.

  • Eidoo is an interface that helps simplify the interaction between the blockchain and users. Founded in 2017, the Swiss startup was the exponent of a record ICO: 21 million dollars in less than two weeks.

  • Situato a Sharm el Sheikh, una delle destinazioni più affascinanti del Mar Rosso, Domina Coral Bay Hotel, Resort, Spa & Casino, sorge dove il deserto roccioso del Sinai si tuffa tra i coralli e le acque cristalline dello Sheikh Coast. Il Domina Coral Bay è in grado di accogliere fino a 4.500 ospiti e di dare la possibilità di vivere un momento indimenticabile.


Who we are

Travel Mobility Europe is a moment of exchange for all those who work in the world of mobility and in the travel industry. It is an event dedicated to Travel & Mobility (T&M) managers, whose rare and important professional contributions help optimize the development of fast-moving companies. Our mission is to create an annual forum where we can explore new T&M trends and to take a look at Blockchain and its uses among companies - all with the aim of defining and promoting innovation, and creating value within our sector.

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